Instead Of Looking For Love, Look For The Right Person To Fall In Love With

Thought Catalog is my new addiction! So smooth and I can relate to it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Thought Catalog

You learn a lot about dating from watching how your parents love. You can learn from their mistakes. After my parents’ divorce, my mother became a serial monogamist, as if she would float away without a guy around. The actual guy seemed almost impersonal somehow — as if his personality and his characteristics didn’t matter, just the fact that he existed. Rather than being single and having to do the hard work of dealing with yourself, it was easier to deal with someone else’s flaws and imperfections. Even if they weren’t right or the love of your life, at least they were there.

Something about that mentality always reminded me of Jane Austen, looking at love as transactional. In the 19th century, having a husband mattered in that you had to have one — and that was the end of the story. There was no real love or romance, just…

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